Instrumentation: Vox, Occasional Keys, Lyrics
Hometown: Rochester,NY
Education: B.A. in European History; Certificate of Ordination; currently working on MBA in Marketing
Other projects (past and present): Solace, Gallows Hill, Strangeways
Influences/Favorite Bands: Joan Jett, The Misfits, Eva O., The Smiths
Brief 1-paragraph bio: A graduate of the University of Maine, Anderson Lynne Mar has been involved in various aspects of the music industry since 1993, as a promoter, producer, performer, radio broadcaster, nightclub DJ, and festival organizer. Anderson is the founder and CEO of Dark Sky Productions, which holds contracts with 8 different venues in the Greater Boston area and produces 4-6 concerts per month. Past exploits include lead vocal duties with Upstate NY grunge outfit Solace (1993-1994), gothic-metal band Gallows Hill (1998-2005), and co-producing The New England Punk, Goth, and Metal Festival (2007-2005) and Projektfest ’11. Anderson resides near Salem, MA, with her husband Matthew and works by day as a music educator at the illustrious School of Rock Boston.
Pets: Two Maine Coon Cats – Sonata and Raphael
Hobbies: Biking, Hiking, Theatre, Bodybuilding, reading murder mysteries
Favorite Food: Shahi Paneer
Favorite Movie: Sid & Nancy
Signature Drink: Blue Hawaiian
Favorite Quote: “One’s only true life is the life one never leads” ~Oscar Wilde

Instrumentation: Guitar
Skulls may be best known for his work as bass player for Mortuus Ortus.
In this band he takes on the role as the only male in the quartet, and lead guitar player.
Skulls has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. In his early 20s He moved to Long Island, NY. where he studied Jazz music and audio engineering at Five Towns College.
Upon returning to his home in NH some seven years later, Jason joined forces with a friend of his mother’s and formed Rootes, a folk rock duo featuring him on what He likes to call “lead bass”.
Since his time with Rootes, Skulls has played bass for other local rockers Set In Stone, and Electric Mummy.
Skulls now finds himself living in and being a part of the Boston music scene, and is a valued faculty member of The School Of Rock Boston along with Anderson and Renee.

Instrumentation: Bass Guitar
Hometown: Stafford, VA
Education: AB Music (Composition & Theory); Certificate of Ordination; Certifed Hypnotist; currently working on MM in Composition
Other projects (past and present): Emmy Cerra; Urban Myth; Quilisma Consort; Amber Spyglass; Melt; Ginger Ibex; Ambience Strings;
Influences/Favorite Bands: Howard Jones; Midge Ure; Metallica; Melinda Fields; Aldo Abreu; Renaissonics; Heinrich Marschner; JS Bach; Josquin des Prez; Johannes Ciconia; Tool; Metallica; John Dowland
Brief bio: Mel, a minimalist who has composed music for film and stage, studied composition and conducting with John Morrison, Roger Marsh, Jeff Stadelman, Julian Pellicano, Beverly Taylor, James Yannatos and Thomas G. Everett.
Pets: Angel and Daemon
Hobbies: horror fiction; *nix/network Admin; whip cracking; target shooting; massage therapy; sound healing
Favorite Food: lamb tagine & poutine (although not at the same sitting)
Favorite Movie: A Zed and Two Noughts
Signature Drink: black velvet
Favorite Quote: “Odi et amo; quare id faciam fortasse requiris? / Nescio: sed fieri sentio et excrucior.”  Catullus LXXXV

Instrumentation: Drums
Renee Solano has been teaching drums to students of all ages since 2003. She received her AS in Music from Cabrillo College and her BA in Social Science with Education Concentration from Ashford University. She is currently on staff at School Of Rock Boston as a drum teacher and facilitates ensemble rock classes in the Be In Your Own Band program.
Renee was born in Manhattan but her parents moved her out to California without her permission when she was 7 months old. She grew up in San Francisco & Santa Cruz. Some of her favorite bands/Artists include Testament, Master of Puppets and prior era Metallica, Motorhead, Babyface, Soundgarden, Dolly Parton and Sarah Vaughan.
As drummer (and rare bassist) for Sans Nomenclature, she has opened for many national headliners, including Bella Morte, Ego Likeness, and Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Renee writes songs and contributes to songwriting in the band. She has been a member of or subbed for many bands on both the west and east coasts, including The Talking Mule, LD and Blues Redemption, By Ear, and Emmy Cerra.
Renee is owned by her 3 cats and her favorite foods are bacon, watermelon and nachos.